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Facebook. Equifax. Yahoo. Cambridge Analytica. Uber. eBay. Target. Chase. Playstation. What do these companies have in common? They were all victims of some of the biggest cyber security breaches and attacks in the last decade.


Cyber Security might just be a trending buzz phrase to some, but our team lives, breaths and executes cyber and information security on a daily basis. Formed by a group of security engineers with over 30 years of combined experience working with both private corporations and government agencies in the areas of cyber security, networking, infrastructure and systems and networks administration, The Rysk Group has the experience needed to not only respond to security threats and breaches, but also mitigate their effects on your company and, in some cases, even prevent them altogether.

Cyber criminals, malicious insiders, foreign governments, business rivals, "hack-tivists", and even curious individuals with technical knowledge, all present a threat. And now that cyber crime has become a multi-billion dollar enterprise, threats to the business world are only becoming more common and malicious. 


The most effective way to mitigate this threat is through a three-tiered approach: end user-training, regular backups, and effective ingress filtering, and The Rysk Group is here to help your company implement this defense. In infosec, there is always a new threat on the horizon, and we diligently study the risk environment so we can provide you with effective, timely and necessary solutions.​​​

Know Your Rysk. Reduce Your Rysk. Call The Rysk Group today.


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Managing Partner/Principal Security Engineer | 866.797.5699 Ext 701

Mr. Melia is the Managing Partner and Principal Security Engineer at The Rysk Group. Prior to founding The Rysk Group, he worked as Principal Cyber Engineer for Raytheon and was assigned to the joint NOAA/NASA Polar Satellite System program. As a member of the C3S segment, he was responsible for ensuring confidentiality, integrity, and availability of communications between geographically separated data centers, ground stations, and weather satellites.


He also served as an Information Assurance/Computer Network Defense Engineer for the US Army in Bagram, Afghanistan, and held a DISCO TS/SCI security clearance. Additionally, he served as Senior Network Engineer for Triple Canopy, whom he joined while working in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Mr. Melia supported US DoD and DoS programs throughout the Iraqi AO. He was also employed as the Senior Network Admin at the US Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq.


The Rysk Group has decades of combined experience in the Information Technology and Information Security fields. We are passionate about InfoSec, and only employ consultants who feel the same way.


Our consultants have earned the following technical certifications in addition to their experience, so you can be sure they are familiar with the subject matter:


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