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#KnowYourRysk #ReduceYourRysk


No one wants to experience a malicious security event. Unfortunately, it is almost a certainty that your company will fall victim to malicious activity at least once while in business. 

When your organization is inevitably compromised, time becomes a critical factor. You need to assess the impact, prioritize actions, triage affected systems, and resume operations as quickly as possible. However, a systems compromise can be a confusing event, and many in-house IT teams are not trained in incident response procedures and therefore do not possess the tools needed to react quickly and effectively.

Additional factors your organization may not be equipped to handle, such as chain of custody, legal/compliance reporting requirements, and liaising with law enforcement agencies, can also affect your ability to recover from an attack. The Rysk Group has the experience and contacts needed to simplify this process and reduce any adverse impacts.

With a clear, well executed response plan potential damages can be reduced and losses contained. Because of this, The Rysk Group provides 24/7 response teams that will work immediately to assess the impact of any breach that affects your business and remediate damages as quickly and effectively as possible. And once the threat is addressed, we will perform root cause analysis so potential attack vectors are eliminated.

Know Your Rysk. Reduce Your Rysk. Call The Rysk Group today.


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