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Aultman Health falls victim to phishing scheme in February, exposing records of 42,000 patients

The attack may have exposed and compromised the patient records of over 42,000 in the foundation's occupational medicine division, hospital and 25 physician practices. In addition to medical histories, patient demographics and test results, driver's license and social security numbers of some patients were also compromised.

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While it took over a month to detect the breach, once discovered, Altman officials reset passwords of compromised accounts, while increasing the length and complexity of the passwords. The foundation has also taken steps to increase employee training around cybersecurity, improve security monitoring features and add new security features to email accounts.

We are making it a top priority for our organization and are assigning resources and staff to this issue to help those patients affected by this incident.

Tim Regula, VP of Compliance and Audit - Aultman Health Foundation

While cyber attacks have increased across the industry, phishing attacks have become the most prevalent, and successful of these types of breaches. With both Onco360 and CareMed also being targeted this year, an additional 50,000 patients, and their private information, have also been compromised. And with the medical industry continuing to be a lucrative and growing target, these attacks show no sign of slowing.

For more on this attack, and the top cyber attacks that have impacted the medical industry so far this year, head over to Healthcare IT News.

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