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Flashback Friday? Chinese "Hackers" Revert to Old School Methods to Deliver Malware to State Targets

Is social engineering devolving? In weird news of the week, it appears Chinese "hackers" are going old school with their latest scam, and sending CDs (yes, compact discs) loaded with malware to state officials. The ploy is simple, send the CD with a brief note and wait for the recipient to load the CD into their computer (Do computers even still have CD roms??). The CDs are laced with Microsoft Word files that contain script-based malware which will then run when the victims try to access the files.

Letters and junk mail overflowing in mailboxes

As of July 30, State Archives, State Historical Societies and a State Department of Cultural Affairs have reported receiving the discs, but it is unclear as to if anyone has actually compromised any systems by inserting the discs.

Head on over to Krebs on Security for the original story and to see the letter and disc in whole.

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