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Is it Time for AI & Cybersecurity to Work Together?

What is the difference between Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity and Machine learning-based threat detection? Wired's Lily Hay Newman explores all three approaches in AI Can Help Cybersecurity—If it Can Fight Through the Hype.

We all know the latest buzzword to hit the tech space is Artificial Intelligence. But what is Artificial Intelligence really? And are the companies touting their last latest software as AI, really producing AI? First let's be clear on what AI is, at least when referring to internet security (we're not the talking the robots becoming emotionally intelligent beings and realizing the only way to save mankind is to imprison it and only Will Smith can save us type of AI here): AI is technology designed to instantly spot malware on any network, guide incident response and detect intrusions. All this must occur, of course, before an attack or breach even occurs.

It a great and wonderful and all to simple premise, but Marci Kleczynski, CEO of Malwarebytes warns it is also misleading, as many companies claiming to offer AI solutions are really just offering "training machine learning."

'It's misleading in some ways to call it AI, and it confuses the hell out of customers.'


For more on AI, cybersecurity and machine learning-based threat detection, read the full article on Wired here.

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