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North Korean Hackers Target Defectors via Facebook & Google Play

Despite seemingly warming relations between The US and North Korea, North Korea continues to reign its cyber crusade against the rest of the world. The Sun Team, a North Korean Hacker group has been attempting to infiltrate the Android phones of North Korean Defectors over the last several months. The attacks are specifically targeting Facebook and Google Play, and these appear to be the first known time North Korean hackers have been able to penetrate Google's security protocols.

In each of the these attacks waged in January, hackers were able to siphon private data through the use of three different spy tools. The tools were initially posted on Facebook groups associate with defectors, or delivered via private messages via the social media platform. While the infected tools only amassed about 100 downloads give or take, because of the targeted nature of the attack, the attack can be deemed successful.

Once a device was infected, the attackers sought to extract personal information such as photos, text messages, call recordings and other data. The data was then uploaded to Dropbox and Yandex, where the hackers could then issue commands to the compromised devices.

Read the full article, originally published in Forbes, here.

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