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Think hackers are only targeting multi-million dollar companies? Think again...

Mom and pops beware, for less than $14, amateur hackers mare using ready-made tools to target your information and dump it on the dark web. And according to the UK's Times, amateur's are also targeting schools, with small and medium size businesses being 20 times more likely to be targeted.

hacker using multiple computers

Small businesses, like schools, restaurants, and mom and pop shops, are targeted in greater numbers because these types of entities typically have fewer resources, outdated systems and undertrained employees. These hackers, which have been identified to include players from Russia, Turkey and Portugal, are also successfully mining Bitcoin at alarming rates.

It’s not a single attack... It’s grassroots hacking from the legion of random, semi-professional hackers out there using off-the-shelf techniques.

Danny Rogers, Chief Executive - Terbium

Read the full story, originally published in The Times here.

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