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#KnowYourRysk #ReduceYourRysk


Do you want to monitor your network 24/7, but don't have the staff or budget to create and monitor your own Security Operations Center (SOC)? The Rysk Group is proud to offer our affordable monitoring solution to fit just about any size organization, budget or needs, including yours. 

Our custom monitoring solutions fit into any network, and are entirely passive. We are able to detect malicious activity by monitoring your existing infrastructure, with little to no modification to your current networks. With our systems y
our enterprise’s sensitive information, websites, databases, servers, and networks are monitored, assessed and defended.


Paired with our expert "Threat Hunters", The Rysk Group identifies network intrusions, malware outbreaks, insider attacks, Denial of Service attacks, and more. We use "best of breed" open source and commercial software to give you unrivaled visibility into what is actually happening on your network, and allow you respond to events as they happen.


We customize each deployment for the environment it will monitor. In smaller deployments, our "footprint" can be as small as 1U (1 rack space slot). Did we mention it was passive? Using strategically placed network taps or SPAN ports from your existing switch infrastructure we can monitor just about everything happening on your network with minimal to no disruption in your day-to-day operations.

It's like having your own, surprisingly affordable Virtual SOC (Security Operations Center), but without the investment and staffing requirements. And f
or customers with existing security tools, we also provide 24/7 monitoring and alerts. 

Know Your Rysk. Reduce Your Rysk. Call The Rysk Group today.


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