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Looking for an Andriod Fortnite App? DON'T. Any You Find May Be Malicious.

Even if you don't play Fortnite, chances are your teen or niece or neighbor's cousin's son, or someone around you does. And if he, she or they have tried to download the popular game on Android, they may have inadvertently downloaded Malware instead. According to The Hacker News thousands of people are searching for tutorials and download links related to the game, which has broken records with 3.4 million players playing the game at a time (as reported in February 2018), and

North Korean Hackers Target Defectors via Facebook & Google Play

Despite seemingly warming relations between The US and North Korea, North Korea continues to reign its cyber crusade against the rest of the world. The Sun Team, a North Korean Hacker group has been attempting to infiltrate the Android phones of North Korean Defectors over the last several months. The attacks are specifically targeting Facebook and Google Play, and these appear to be the first known time North Korean hackers have been able to penetrate Google's security proto

Rowhammer Vulnerability Targets Android Smartphone User

Hide your smartphones! A new(ish) attack is now targeting your fifth appendage… Yesterday, a team of Dutch security researchers identified a “GLitch” in Rowhammer (Android users, this applies to you), that allows it to be exploited by using Javascript to hack the device via the phone’s web browser. Originally just a “what if”, the new research shows that repeatedly activating the memory cells can cause the phone’s electrical charges to fluctuate, which can alter the data stor


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