Shoe & Athleisure Giant Adidas Discloses Major Security Breach

Adidas announced today they have alerted millions of customers that their private data may now be in the hands of hackers, after a possible security breach on their US-based website. Preliminary investigations show the loss includes contact information, user names and passwords, however, the company does not believe any financial or credit card information of customers were impacted. This breach comes just days after a phishing scam targeting World Cup enthusiasts, promised s

Almost half of government entities report regular cyber attacks. 5 ways you can prepare...

The digital footprints of state and local governments are growing exponentially, leaving the public sector especially vulnerable to cyber attacks and breaches. Between employees using computers to access networks remotely, internet-connected technology such as red-light cameras and CCTVs, mapping and informational systems inside police and other government issued vehicles, and more, organizations must defend and monitor an ever growing number of end points and network infrast