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North Korean Hackers Target Defectors via Facebook & Google Play

Despite seemingly warming relations between The US and North Korea, North Korea continues to reign its cyber crusade against the rest of the world. The Sun Team, a North Korean Hacker group has been attempting to infiltrate the Android phones of North Korean Defectors over the last several months. The attacks are specifically targeting Facebook and Google Play, and these appear to be the first known time North Korean hackers have been able to penetrate Google's security proto

The Geneva Convention of Cybersecurity is Here

Thirty-four tech companies, including Microsoft, have signed an accord agreeing to protect their customers and oppose state-sponsored attacks on users. The Cybersecurity Tech Accord was also signed by Dell, LinkedIn and Facebook, and included a pledge to improve their own cybersecurity defenses as well as empowering their customers to do the same and collaborate with organizations to bolster cybersecurity as a whole. Microsoft President Brad Smith stated the accord will help


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