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The Latest Emerging Healthcare Cybersecurity Threat? A Forgotten Function on Your All-In-One Printer

Does anyone even fax anymore? And if they do, aren't they using digital variations like eFax and SmartFax? Or maybe you're still using an all-in-one printer (like my OfficeJet 4650: Print - Fax - Scan - Copy - Web)? If yours is anything like mine, the FAX function is still automatically built in at the factory, and it is this "sweet-spot", your printer's unused fax function, that attackers are targeting. Even with the current IoT boom, printers are often an after thought, if

Hacking Medical Devices? It's not just for Hollywood anymore. How IoT is shaping the medical sector.

Data breaches in the medical sector cost the industry an average of 6 billion dollars per year, and as technology continues to evolve exponentially, the Internet of Things (IoT) will only increase opportunities for potential hackers and data breaches to exploit the sector. As we reported previously, the Orangeworm virus is the first wide-known deliberate attack on medical devices. The entire reasoning behind the launch of Orangeworm is still unknown, however, the virus does g

Trump-Kim Meeting Target of 40k+ Cyberattacks

The Trump-Kim Summit drew headlines for a number of reasons, and now cyber breaches are amongst them. According to Security Week, cyberattacks skyrocketed during the June 11 & 12 meeting, and experts are citing Russia as the primary culprit, with 88% of the total attacks observed hailing from the country. During the period, which lasted 21 hours and targeted VoIP phones and IoT devices, 40,000 attacks were launched on Singapore, with 92% being reconnaissance scans seeking out

So The MAN may not be listening to you through your Echo, but your employees might be...

So apparently Amazon's Alexa doesn't spy on you, but she (he? Them? It?) will record your conversations and send them to people in your contact list (no Mom, I SWEAR I was talking about my friend's overly intrusive and controlling mother, not you!). A couple in Portland learned this the hard way when one of the several IoT device's in their home recorded their conversation and transmitted it to one of their employees in Seattle. Reports indicate once they were made aware of t

Orangeworm Continues to Target the Medical Industry

Orangeworm has struck again, this time targeting the computers that operate MRI, X-Ray and other medical devices and machines. These attacks aren’t destructive or malicious however, rather the hackers are accessing the devices in order to learn more about them as part of an ongoing corporate espionage operation. The attack appears to be targeting/gathering information on how these types of machines work, and have also shown interest in "machines used to assist patients in com

94% of Medical Institutions have been victim of a cyber attack. Will that number grow?

According to Prof. Ari Shamiss, CEO of Assuta Medical Centers Network, the medical industry was the target of 88% of the ransomware attacks in the United States, in 2017. And how are hackers entry to the medical industry? Through medical devices of course. Shamiss continues, "In a best-case scenario, these attackers would compromise patient data privacy. In a worst-case scenario, they would gain control of these medical devices, potentially shut them down or disconnect them,


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