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Does Your Bank or Credit Union Use Fiserv? If so, Your Financial Info May be at Risk.

If you're one of the 1700+ banks or credit unions currently using Fiserv, or are a customer of one, a flaw in the company's web platform may have exposed your personal and financial information to the masses. The flaw was fist recognized by Kristian Erik Hermansen, when he received an email alert indicating a new transaction had posted to his own bank account. Noticing the alert was assigned with a specific "event number", Hermansen hypothesized the event numbers for similar

So The MAN may not be listening to you through your Echo, but your employees might be...

So apparently Amazon's Alexa doesn't spy on you, but she (he? Them? It?) will record your conversations and send them to people in your contact list (no Mom, I SWEAR I was talking about my friend's overly intrusive and controlling mother, not you!). A couple in Portland learned this the hard way when one of the several IoT device's in their home recorded their conversation and transmitted it to one of their employees in Seattle. Reports indicate once they were made aware of t


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