The Latest Emerging Healthcare Cybersecurity Threat? A Forgotten Function on Your All-In-One Printer

Does anyone even fax anymore? And if they do, aren't they using digital variations like eFax and SmartFax? Or maybe you're still using an all-in-one printer (like my OfficeJet 4650: Print - Fax - Scan - Copy - Web)? If yours is anything like mine, the FAX function is still automatically built in at the factory, and it is this "sweet-spot", your printer's unused fax function, that attackers are targeting. Even with the current IoT boom, printers are often an after thought, if

Healthcare is Going Mobile - And So Are the Threats to Your Hospital and Patients

By now the move to all-mobile-everything seems almost inevitable, but what does that mean for your security strategy? Malware, Ransomware and Phishing attacks continue to target and plague hospitals, often at a rate two times higher than other sectors. Despite this disturbing trend however, studies show over the last several years, organizations are become more active in defending their patients and infrastructure from cyber threats. According to a recent HIMSS Cybersecurity

Cyber Criminals are Costing Your Bank $18 Million... PER ATTACK. Is it time to play offense?

Cyberattacks cost targeted firms in the financial sector an average $18 million per incident, $6 million more than similar attacks in other sectors. Additionally, financial institutions also fall victim to cyberattacks 300 times more often than businesses in other industries, a rate that has tripled over the last five years. While the typical American business is attacked 4 million times per year, the typical American financial services firm is attacked a staggering 1 billion

Does Your Bank or Credit Union Use Fiserv? If so, Your Financial Info May be at Risk.

If you're one of the 1700+ banks or credit unions currently using Fiserv, or are a customer of one, a flaw in the company's web platform may have exposed your personal and financial information to the masses. The flaw was fist recognized by Kristian Erik Hermansen, when he received an email alert indicating a new transaction had posted to his own bank account. Noticing the alert was assigned with a specific "event number", Hermansen hypothesized the event numbers for similar

Protect your Patients... Protect Your Hospital: Best Practices for Avoiding Cyber Pitfalls

Over the last decade the healthcare industry has become a leading target for hackers and bad actors. The amount of information stored in patient records is a literal goldmine for thieves who are looking to commit fraud or extort ransoms, and these targeted attacks are only increasing. So what can you do to keep your patients, hospital, and employees safe? 1. It's not enough to just "talk" cybersecurity: According to a study by HIMSS Analytics and Symantec, 82% of the healthc

Flashback Friday? Chinese "Hackers" Revert to Old School Methods to Deliver Malware to State Targets

Is social engineering devolving? In weird news of the week, it appears Chinese "hackers" are going old school with their latest scam, and sending CDs (yes, compact discs) loaded with malware to state officials. The ploy is simple, send the CD with a brief note and wait for the recipient to load the CD into their computer (Do computers even still have CD roms??). The CDs are laced with Microsoft Word files that contain script-based malware which will then run when the victims

Hacking Medical Devices? It's not just for Hollywood anymore. How IoT is shaping the medical sector.

Data breaches in the medical sector cost the industry an average of 6 billion dollars per year, and as technology continues to evolve exponentially, the Internet of Things (IoT) will only increase opportunities for potential hackers and data breaches to exploit the sector. As we reported previously, the Orangeworm virus is the first wide-known deliberate attack on medical devices. The entire reasoning behind the launch of Orangeworm is still unknown, however, the virus does g

Tracking Badges, Phishing Scams and Russian Hackers: The latest in World Cup 2018 Cybersecurity News

Special Note: As the World Cup continues, we will update this post with any relevant information on cybersecurity incidents and news. Original Publication Date: 6/13/2018 July 3: Badge of honor or Tracking Device? Fan IDs have become the piece of fan memorabilia for over 1.6 Million World Cup attendees. The badge is roughly the size of a standard conference badge and includes each attendees name and credentials. In addition to entry into the games, the badge gives attendees a

Data Breaches are on the Rise in the Medical Industry. Are Your Patients Protected?

Of the 1,579 data breaches reported and/or discovered last year, 27% targeted the healthcare industry. Why is the sector such a large target? Monetary value of course: According to Reuters, personal medical information is 10 times more valuable on the black market than credit card information. Medical fraud, which is only increasing due to the rise in medical data breaches, costs victims an average of $13,500 per incident and can often go unnoticed for months, if not longer.

WannaCry Back in Action with New Phishing Campaign... Or is it?

A new phishing campaign, looking to terrify its potential victims, is posing as WannaCry and falsely claiming it will infect PCs with its namesake ransomware unless the user pays a hefty bitcoin ransom. Further digging however, shows the scam is a fraud, playing on the fears of those who happen to find a copy of this email in their inbox. The message claims that all files on their system, no matter the platform (IOS, Windows, Linux, Android or macOs) will be permanently delet

Looking for an Andriod Fortnite App? DON'T. Any You Find May Be Malicious.

Even if you don't play Fortnite, chances are your teen or niece or neighbor's cousin's son, or someone around you does. And if he, she or they have tried to download the popular game on Android, they may have inadvertently downloaded Malware instead. According to The Hacker News thousands of people are searching for tutorials and download links related to the game, which has broken records with 3.4 million players playing the game at a time (as reported in February 2018), and

Use WhatsApp? You Might Need to Check Your Bank Account

"Adidas is offering 2,500 pairs of shoes to celebrate its 69th anniversary" is how the ad reads, but when it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. This phishing scam, which is currently active and targeting mobile users in the United States, Norway, the Netherlands, Nigeria and Sweden, amongst others, with experts predicting attacks on the UK and Ireland to be forthcoming. The attack itself is simple and straight-forward enough: Once the linked is clicked, the website ru

Trump-Kim Meeting Target of 40k+ Cyberattacks

The Trump-Kim Summit drew headlines for a number of reasons, and now cyber breaches are amongst them. According to Security Week, cyberattacks skyrocketed during the June 11 & 12 meeting, and experts are citing Russia as the primary culprit, with 88% of the total attacks observed hailing from the country. During the period, which lasted 21 hours and targeted VoIP phones and IoT devices, 40,000 attacks were launched on Singapore, with 92% being reconnaissance scans seeking out

Whitelisting Services Leave Macs Open to Malware and Viruses... No, Really!

Back in the day it was assumed that Mac computers were impenetrable to any virus or malicious code because there were few known instances where the systems were penetrated on a large scale (insert sarcastic meme here). However, we now know the real reason Macs were initially less susceptible to viruses and malware is because Mac had such a small percentage of the market share it simply wasn't financially beneficial to create worms and bugs to infect these systems. My how time

Almost half of government entities report regular cyber attacks. 5 ways you can prepare...

The digital footprints of state and local governments are growing exponentially, leaving the public sector especially vulnerable to cyber attacks and breaches. Between employees using computers to access networks remotely, internet-connected technology such as red-light cameras and CCTVs, mapping and informational systems inside police and other government issued vehicles, and more, organizations must defend and monitor an ever growing number of end points and network infrast

Aultman Health falls victim to phishing scheme in February, exposing records of 42,000 patients

The attack may have exposed and compromised the patient records of over 42,000 in the foundation's occupational medicine division, hospital and 25 physician practices. In addition to medical histories, patient demographics and test results, driver's license and social security numbers of some patients were also compromised. While it took over a month to detect the breach, once discovered, Altman officials reset passwords of compromised accounts, while increasing the length an

So The MAN may not be listening to you through your Echo, but your employees might be...

So apparently Amazon's Alexa doesn't spy on you, but she (he? Them? It?) will record your conversations and send them to people in your contact list (no Mom, I SWEAR I was talking about my friend's overly intrusive and controlling mother, not you!). A couple in Portland learned this the hard way when one of the several IoT device's in their home recorded their conversation and transmitted it to one of their employees in Seattle. Reports indicate once they were made aware of t

North Korean Hackers Target Defectors via Facebook & Google Play

Despite seemingly warming relations between The US and North Korea, North Korea continues to reign its cyber crusade against the rest of the world. The Sun Team, a North Korean Hacker group has been attempting to infiltrate the Android phones of North Korean Defectors over the last several months. The attacks are specifically targeting Facebook and Google Play, and these appear to be the first known time North Korean hackers have been able to penetrate Google's security proto

Think hackers are only targeting multi-million dollar companies? Think again...

Mom and pops beware, for less than $14, amateur hackers mare using ready-made tools to target your information and dump it on the dark web. And according to the UK's Times, amateur's are also targeting schools, with small and medium size businesses being 20 times more likely to be targeted. Small businesses, like schools, restaurants, and mom and pop shops, are targeted in greater numbers because these types of entities typically have fewer resources, outdated systems and und

IT Security Professionals Still Using "password" as a Password??

Thought the days of using “password” as your password were long gone? Well, according to Tech Republic’s Alison DeNisco Rayome, at least 10 % of IT leaders STILL use “password” or “qwerty” as their passwords (insert forehead slap emoji here). According to a survey released today, conducted by SailPoint and Vanson Bourne, more than half of IT decision makers surveyed admitted to using the same passwords for both work and personal accounts and 10% claimed they still use simple