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The Rysk Group Services:

Penetration Testing

The Rysk Group Services:

Vulnerability Assessments

All systems contain vulnerabilities, therefore it is critical that you understand where you are vulnerable before an adversary does. This is a process that must be continually evaluated so that effective mitigation techniques can be implemented, and with a never ending cycle of bugs, back doors, and exploits being published daily, this can seem like a daunting task.

The Rysk Group utilizes a three step approach to simplify vulnerability management and information security for your company:

1. Know What You Have:

Are you tracking every device on your network? Do you have an automated process to inventory what is operating within your networks and alert you when a new (potentially unauthorized) device or software installation has has been added? Can you track software that presents the highest risk? Do you have controls in place to prevent unauthorized installations? These can be everything from networking devices, to software installations, to removable media. If you don't have a clear picture of what is happening on your network, it is difficult to make informed decisions about reducing vulnerabilities and risk.

2. Know How It's Configured:

Does your organization track configuration changes and have an effective auditing process in place to understand how a device is configured? A clear indicator of malicious behavior is changes to important operating system or device configuration files. Change is an integral part of any modern network, but it's import to understand what was changed, why it was changed, who modified the device, and how it can affect your company.

3. Know What It's Doing:

Do all of your systems operate the way you (or the vendor) intended? We thought not... The management interface of a system might show the device is configured one way, but another security tool might tell a different story. It's important to monitor the behavior of your systems to find anomalies. These are the best indicators that something has been compromised, and remediation efforts can begin. 

By understanding what is happening within your infrastructure, you will be able to effectively prioritize the areas that need the most attention. Risk Management Road Maps can be formed based on accurate information as it pertains to your environment. The Rysk Group acts as a "force multiplier" to assist in reducing risk exposure and the possibility of vulnerabilities being exploited.

We do this by performing the following services:

  • Policy Authoring and User Education

  • Gap Analysis

  • Asset Discovery and Inventory Management

  • Vulnerability Assessments

  • Penetration Testing

  • Remediation Roadmaps

It's easier than you think, and we can help.

Know Your Rysk. Reduce Your Rysk. Call The Rysk Group today.

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